Extended Inspection Checklist (Monthly/Pre-Trip)
Taking the time to do a more thorough inspection can help ensure a safe and hassle-free trip or vacation

1. Check your fluid levels: Wiper fluid, engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and engine oil. A complete list can be found in the vehicle's owner's manual
2. Check the date of your last oil change, make sure your vehicle won't be due for a change during your trip
3. Consider having your battery tested. Changes in the weather can be hard on a battery, especially cold weather
4. Check your cabin air filter. Remember that all air from the vents flows through the cabin air filter, consider changing the filter if there is excess debris or dust
5. Check all your lights: Headlights, brights, brake lights, blinkers. This may be easier with a friend or family member. Don't forget your interior lights. They come in handy when really needed.
6. Inspect windshield wiper blades for cracks or tears
7. Check for outstanding safety recalls for your vehicle. This information is available online
here, or at a reputable mechanic or dealership
8. Locate your spare tire and make sure it is in good working order and that the jack is present and works. Learn to change a tire if you don't already know.

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Pre-Drive Inspection Checklist (Daily)

Follow these simple steps before driving every day to help ensure a safer trip.

1.     Walk 360 degrees around the vehicle and verify your tires have no visible damage, adequate tread and look aired up properly

2.     Look in the back seat as you walk around.  Make sure no one is hidden in your car. Also make sure you are clear in front and behind the car.

3.     Look for fluid on the ground that could indicate a leak

4.     Once inside, check your visibility. Are the windows free of cracks and debris?

5.     Adjust your mirrors

6.     Upon starting your car, check your gauges and watch for any warning lights

7.     Buckle up! Seatbelts save lives, make sure you and all your passengers are wearing their safety belts

​8.     Before shifting into gear, have you secured everything that might shift during transit?

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The Kicker: A Monthly Automotive Safety and Awareness Newsletter
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As of January 2015, Tire Kickers will be providing a free monthly newsletter dedicated to informing the public about vehicle safety.

​Articles from The Kicker Issue 1:

This one little-known fact about your vehicle could cost you thousands, or worse! - An informative piece about tire aging

In The Spotlight: An Interview with the owner of Tire Kickers - An interview with Jay Ackerland, founder of Tire Kickers

1 Minute habit that could save a life An introduction to pre-trip inspections

Impaired Driving: More impaired than you might think - A story about impaired driving in our community and ways to prevent impaired driving

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Below you will find other helpful resources such as our newsletter, our recommended Everyday Carry kit, etc.

Other Helpful Resources

Regular inspections help reduce breakdowns by preparing you for upcoming maintenance before it becomes a problem

Semi-annual/Yearly Professional Inspection

Tire Kickers,  Putting VETERANS to Work

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Tire Kickers Vehicle Everyday Carry Kit
We recommend everyone have a Vehicle Everyday Carry Kit with important tools in their vehicle

We are still working on assembling our ideal Everyday Carry Kit, in the meantime, please check out some of the many kits available online.

Reddit/VEDC: This is an ever-changing discussion board dedicated to Vehicle Everyday Carry kits.

​PeakProsperity.com's VEDC Templates: This site has a few templates for different situations

These are a small sampling of Vehicle Everyday Carry Kits. There are many more kits available online.

Check back soon for the Tire Kickers' Recommended Vehicle Everyday Carry Kit!

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Buying A Used Car


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Buying A Used Car

Professional Safety Inspection (Semi-annual / Yearly / Pre-Trip)
It is important to have regular inspections conducted by a professional to assess the safety and longevity of your vehicle

As with dental visits, an annual safety inspection can reduce hassle and expense by finding potential problems before they develop. Also like a dental visit, it's best to call in a trained professional.

A Tire Kickers Safety Inspection includes a visual inspection of all safety related items on your vehicle to ensure it is road worthy and safe to drive. The Safety Inspection goes over the items that will strand you fastest.

Inspection points include:

     Tires (pressure, tread depth, condition, manufacture date, etc.)​

​     Engine/Transmission engagement test

     Battery check

     Fluid Levels

     Lights/Turn Signals

Tire Kickers recommends semi-annual or yearly Safety Inspections depending on the amount of use the vehicle receives. For more information about the Tire Kickers Safety Inspection, please call our office at 503-437-5254

Multiple inspection packages are available for those with multiple vehicles. A Safety Inspection also makes a great gift for a new car owner!

For more information or to order your inspection, click here