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Are you buying a used car?

Is the car you are buying safe?

Is it reliable?

How much is it really worth?

Purchase your vehicle inspection

Tire Kickers will travel to the vehicle for you and provide you with the most relevant mobile vehicle inspection on the market today! Buying a car has never been easier!

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Signature Inspection

The most inclusive mobile inspection on the market

  • 175+ point inspection   
  • 25+ High Quality photos   
  • Intensive test drive   
  • Direct communication with inspector
    (when possible)      
  • Free Experian Auto Check and Carfax report
  • Current vehicle value based on KBB and NADA pricing

Currently available within 60 miles of Vancouver WA, call for service outside regular service area.

Vehicle History Data Search

Nation-wide vehicle fact reporting  

  • Free Experian Auto Check and Carfax report
  • Safety Ratings
  • Recall Information
  • ​Recommended Service
  • Fuel Economy
  • Things to watch for
  • ​Plus more!

Currently available Nation-Wide!


Tire Kickers would like to thank all of our Veterans for their service.

We are proud to currently provide the following for our Veterans and families of veterans

  • Employment and Training opportunities
  • Discounts on all services
  • Complimentary return-from-service inspections

If you or a family member are former or active members of the armed forces, please provide this information at the time of ordering your inspection

We thank you for your service!


Mission Statement

Tire Kickers is dedicated to improving the consumer car-buying experience by providing accurate, unbiased, third-party automotive inspections with a focus on safety, reliability and value.​

Vehicle inspection

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Car Finding Assistance

We will help you find your next car, FREE!

Tire Kickers is helping people find their next car 100% FREE! Just fill out the form on our Services page to start the process of finding your perfect vehicle today!

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We make buying a car easy!

Make Tire Kickers the 1st Step in your car buying process!

Here at Tire Kickers our goal is to make the car buying process easier for you! Our highly trained team can help you in every step of the car-buying process. If you're looking for a car, but just any car won't do, Tire Kickers has the service for you!

Looking for a car?

We can find the perfect vehicle for you!

We understand that finding the right car can be a hassle. With Tire Kickers'  car-finder services you no longer have to spend your valuable time combing through endless online ads or fighting off dealers so you can browse in peace.

When you fill out the Tire Kickers car-finder request form, we will know exactly what you're looking for and can suggest vehicles in the area, saving you time and stress. 

Protecting you, your family, and your investment

When you have your next car inspected before you buy, you're going to get a real-time, current condition report of the vehicle. When you know BEFORE you buy, you save time, money, and heart-ache. Be confident that your new car isn't a lemon, have our highly trained inspectors verify the safety, reliability, and overall value of the vehicle.

Do you need help selling your vehicle?

Tire Kickers can help get more for your vehicle!

A Tire Kickers Signature Inspection has been proven to reduce the time it takes to sell a car and increase the average offer. When you order an inspection to help sell your car, you are providing proof that your car is worth what you are asking. Protect yourself from low-ball offers and show off your vehicle with a signature inspection.